11" Latex Foam Hybrid Mattress

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This 11 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress is designed for those who want firm support with conforming comfort. Unlike memory foam, latex doesn’t sink in around the body. It conforms to natural curves, but it pushes back just enough to offer a truly unique sleep experience and premium support. The firmness is rated at medium-firm and is highly recommended for back and stomach sleepers.

The pocketed innerspring coils reintroduce that traditional springy feel that supports your body shape while isolating movement throughout the night. The popular 11-inch profile makes finding sheets very simple. And if you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, pair this mattress with an adjustable bed base.

We protect each mattress with a 10-year warranty.

*This mattress could weigh as much as 100 pounds or more when boxed and shipped. Please make sure you have someone to help you get it inside your home.