Financing Options

Fast, Easy Approvals!

When it comes to making life’s important purchases, I understand that a lot of people need a little help. So I found a simpler way to buy the things you need.

Take a few seconds to provide me with a little information and I’ll contact you within a matter of minutes to guide you through the approval process, no strings attached. 




Customer FAQs

You must have:

1. 3 months of history with your current employer or current source of income.

2. Deposited at least $1,000 per month into a checking account that has been opened for 90 days or more.

3. No NSFs, excessive overdrafts, or negative balances on your current checking account.


Up to $3,000.


1. Get approved and shop for your merchandise at G. Stein Furniture Company.

2. Sign your lease agreement and make your initial payment.

3. Schedule a delivery or pickup.

4. Enjoy your new purchase!


Make sure you read my return policy. After meeting the minimum terms of your lease agreement, you can return items by contacting Simple to arrange pickup. Please keep your minimum lease terms in mind. Once the lease agreement is signed, you will be expected to fulfill them.